The controlled microtunnelling

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DN 50 – 500 mm

It is a trenchless method of laying utilities. It is suitable for water pipelines, gas pipelines, cable pipelines, pressure sewers and gravity sewers. The maximum efficiency of this method results from the following advantages:

  • significantly lower costs compared to excavation
  • minimum traffic restrictions on roads (pavements, roads …)
  • Significant reduction in execution time (speed of execution)
  • Environmentally friendly (environmentally friendly technology)
  •  No damage to existing surfaces
  • ability to avoid obstacles in the route
  • non-violation of existing utilities
  •  possibility of reverse drilling
  • carrying out work in cramped conditions, etc.
  • independence of the technology from electricity sources
  • minimum size of start and end holes (approx. 1m x 1m)

Possible applications:

  • trenchless laying of PEHD pipes for water, gas, sewerage
  •  trenchless installation of protectors for cable and other lines
  • trenchless installation of complete pipelines and connections in towns and villages
  • sounding, inspection and exploratory horizontal drilling